Studying Effectively...

We have a wide variety of Seminars available to enhance your curriculum.  Interactive Study Skill seminars are available for students and faculty.  Student seminars will give students a toolbox of strategies to help them navigate their schoolwork. 

Topics include:

Time Management

Learn about strategies on how to manage time

Learning Effectively

Everyone has a preferred method of learning.  And, every teacher teaches differently.  Learn how you learn most effectively and how to learn from different types of instructors.

Reading Textbooks Strategies

Much of what must be learned comes from reading textbooks.  Learn how to read a textbook effectively.

Note-Taking Strategies

How do you take notes effectively?  How should they be organized so they are useful to use when studying?  Learn effective strategies to improve your note-taking ability.


How do I remember everything that must be learned? Get a 'toolbox' of strategies you can use to reduce the stress of trying to remember the material.

Test Taking Strategies

How do I study for a test?  How do I take a multiple choice test?  An essay test?  Learn effective strategies to study for and navigate all kinds of tests.

Math Study Skills

Math is a special type of subject that requires special strategies.  Learn how to prepare for class, what to do in class, how to do homework, how to study, and how to take a math test effectively.